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Bitrix24 is all that is needed for the well-coordinated work of the company

36 instruments. SaaS or Self-hosted. Professional implementation.
<span class="text-bold">Bitrix24</span> is all that is needed for the well-coordinated work of the company

36 instruments in one place.

Free implementation of Bitrix24 Corporate portal Bitrix24 is when all the tools are in a single place, which allows you to manage the company centrally. The Bitrix24 system has a very rich functionality, which is both a plus, since it covers all needs, and a minus, since it is problematic to study and use all the functionality correctly. Our company is a Certified Gold Partner of Bitrix24 and is engaged in training and integrating Bitrix24 for clients so that their business correctly and fully uses all the functionality of Bitrix24.
Our key advantages: we design and develop our own projects (we understand business), we use Bitrix24 ourselves (we do not recommend what we ourselves do not use) and we develop Bitrix24 applications (we know the technical "kitchen" from the inside and we can implement any task).

CRM Tasks Online office Telephony Social networks and messengers Website and store Integration


All communications with the client get and are recorded in CRM, the order is carried out through the funnel in automatic or semi-automatic mode, CRM itself will tell you what to do and determine the probability of the transaction (AI scoring). Sales and customer reports are available.

CRM marketing (SMS, emails, targeted ads, etc.) helps resell and increase customer loyalty, and end-to-end analytics will determine the effectiveness of advertising channels.

Selling more is easy!


Work together on tasks and projects, keep track of time, costs, plan the order of tasks. Tasks are available in a list, kanban or gantt. There are checklists, task templates, HelpDesk and automation. Convenient and accessible from any device!

Fix all tasks in Bitrix24, they will be completed!

Effective work

Online office

A single company space for working in the office or from home: news, chats, video calls, Bitrix24. Disk, Google.Drive, calendar, groups, work reports, WiKi, voting, business processes (invoices for payment, vacation, signature of the EDS, etc.), accounting of finance and other tools. Works from browser, desktop and mobile applications!

And if something is missing, we can always customize the finished application or develop from scratch for you!

Well-coordinated teamwork


Bitrix24 allows you to connect telephony to identify the client and view his card (name, purchase history) right during the call. All conversations are recorded. You can connect your PBX, rent a number in Bitrix24 or connect a SIM card. After connecting, reports will become available to monitor the effectiveness of managers.

In addition, we set up Call-tracking if you need to identify the client's source (contextual advertising, SEO or advertising on a specialized portal) by call. You will know exactly where the client came from, how much it cost you and how much money it brought (end-to-end analytics).

Let's connect telephony and Call-tracking

Social networks and messengers

Has the client clarified the price on Instagram, asked a question in telegram, left a review on Facebook or requested a commercial proposal by mail? All requests will go to Bitrix24 for the responsible manager, and the history of interaction will remain forever! No need to switch and monitor all communication channels. And yet, it is very convenient and you can draw up reports.

Bitrkis24 allows you to connect regional delivery services, marketplaces and other communication channels. Agree, it is convenient to receive an order from Rozetka directly to CRM, call from a client card and issue a TTN of New Mail in 1 minute? Our company has developed more than 10 different ready-made modules (New Mail, UkrPochta, Rozetka, Prom.ua, Epicenter, etc.).

Let's connect telegram, instagram, rozetka, etc.

Website and store

On Bitrix24, you can easily create a landing page for a promotion, create a small corporate website or a full-fledged store. On boxed version of Bitrix24 professional online stores are created (own projects we do just that, example).

f you already have a ready-made store or website, we can integrate with Bitrix24, so that all orders and goods are included as LEADS or Transactions.
Developed package offer «eCommerce Bitrix24», which includes all integrations (sending conversions, website integration, Rozetka, New Mail, UkrPoshta, Instagram, Telegram, payment by link etc.) and setting up Bitrix24 for online trading.



Bitrix24 is already integrated with most services: SMS messaging, telephony, 1C / BAS, payment services, etc. More integrations are available through the marketplace.

Our company is a developer of Bitrix24 applications and has a wide a line of ready-made integrations (integration with sites, Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Drive, Rozetka, New mail, accepting payments, financial Accounting, job sites, etc.). If there is no ready integration, we can develop it especially for you!

All cases
Unified business management system, integration with the website, SMS, payments and delivery Watch case
The key task was to ensure process management through a single system, which was implemented using Bitrix24. Website integration, etc. Watch case
Development of a personal account that helped optimize the work of managers and improve the quality of work Watch case

More than 10 000 000 companies around the world are already using Bitrix24!


Users number of employees in your Bitrix24
CRM Users 12 550 $ Opportunities
Extranet Multi-department Web cluster
Corporate portal Users
50 100 250 500
1 248 $ Opportunities
Extranet Multi-department Web cluster
Enterprise Users 1000+ Request price Opportunities
Extranet Web cluster Multi-department
Free Free

Start working online and sell more with CRM

Users 12
Place in the cloud 5 Gb
Price Free
Basic Basic

CRM.Bitrix24 helps you sell more: it takes control of all communication channels with customers, prompts what to do, automates sales. Use a variety of helpful tools.

Users 5
Place in the cloud 24 Gb
Monthly 61 $
1 Year -20%
732 $
588 $
2 Years -30%
1464 $
0 $
Business Standard

Advanced collaboration for your entire company and workgroups

Users 50
Place in the cloud 100 Gb
Monthly 124 $
1 Year -20%
1488 $
1 188 $
2 Years -30%
2976 $
0 $

Maximum sales and business process automation

Users 🔥Unlimited
Place in the cloud 🔥Unlimited
Monthly 249 $
1 Year -20%
2988 $
2 388 $
2 Years -30%
5976 $
0 $

Start working online and sell more with CRM


Effective collaboration for small businesses and sales teams


Advanced collaboration for your entire company and workgroups


Maximum sales and business process automation

Place in the cloud
5 Gb
24 Gb
100 Gb
1024 Gb
61 $/m. 61 $/m. -20%
124 $/m. 124 $/m. -20%
249 $/m. 249 $/m. -20%
CRM CRM.Bitrix24 helps you sell more: it takes control of all communication channels with customers, prompts what to do, automates sales. Use a variety of helpful tools.
Tasks and projects Plan tasks, control their implementation within the specified time frame. Work together on large projects. All tasks and documents will be collected together, and each participant can easily track the progress of work.
Office, collaboration Communicate with your colleagues quickly using chats or video calls. Store all necessary documents on disk. Use a handy appointment planner in your calendar.
Chat and video calls
Shop Create a functional online store and start selling in minutes.
Contact center Multichannel contact center that integrates chat, email, telephony, social media and instant messengers right into your CRM.
Administration Get full control over your data, access rights settings and security on advanced Bitrix24 tariffs.
CRM marketing Conduct advertising campaigns, segment your customer base and send emails, sms, messages on social networks and instant messengers directly from the Bitrix24 CRM system.
End-to-end analytics Get complete visibility into customer acquisition costs, marketing ROI, and top performing advertising sources.
Support Customer support directly in the online chat in your Bitrix24 operates on commercial rates. Free users have access to a variety of tutorials, videos and webinars.
basic feature set
30 days as a gift by the time of purchase

When implementing Bitrix24 and purchasing a tariff through us, we give a month of the tariff for implementation! Thus, buying a Bitrix24 license through us, you not only get free implementation, a 20% discount, but also for 13 months instead of 12!
P.S. This is not a demo period, but an additional bonus upon purchase.


Leave a request or write to the messenger


Personal manager make a presentation of Bitrix24 and selects a optimal tariff


We send the commercial proposal and invoice, you pay the tariff


You get a discount for an annual subscription, bonuses for implementation, free Bitrix24 setup

Request quote

About us

We specialize in developing complex projects on Bitrix24: we configure Bitrix24 for your company, program business processes, create a sales funnel, implement telephony, integrate with other services, create missing functionality.

Discuss your project needs with us. Drop a line to

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
Bitrix24 Gold Partner
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AWS Developer
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Laravel Developer
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Bitrix24 Developer


Historically, we have extensive implementation experience in these industries

  • # eCommerce Bitrix24 for eCommerce
  • # Automotive and Logistics Bitrix24 for Healthcare and beauty
  • # Healthcare and beauty Bitrix24 for Healthcare and beauty
  • # Construction and repair Bitrix24 for Construction and repair
  • # Industry Bitrix24 for Industry
  • # Education Bitrix24 for Education
  • # Banking and finance Bitrix24 for Banking and finance
  • # Design and architecture Bitrix24 for Design and architecture
  • # IT & StartrUp Bitrix24 for IT & StartrUp
  • # Sport Bitrix24 for Sport
  • # Cafes and restaurants Bitrix24 for Sport
  • # Tourism and entertainment Bitrix24 for Tourism and entertainment
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Bitrix Gold Partners

Highest partnership status
since 2013. Enterprise competence.


We configure servers for maximum performance. We support and

Marketplace apps

We draw up developments in
ready-made solutions, sell and modify


Each employee is assigned to a manager with 2+ years of
experience in Bitrix24


When buying Bitrix24 through us,
we give 30% of the cost for our services and 3 months of hosting

Complex projects

We develop and support HighLoad projects. We love OOP and new technologies

Correct code

Code standardization. We use
OOP, namespace, PSR-4, etc.
Documenting in PHPDoc

Convenient payment
and installments

We support most payment
systems, there is an installment
plan for Bitrix24


We have our own department for design, website development and promotion

  • Olivenet
  • Тикетсуа
  • SIXT
  • Expatro